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Apple iMac 27" 5K (2017) Core i7: Unboxing & Review

Unboxing \u0026 Review of the most powerful 2017 Kaby Lake Core i7 iMac you can configure with a benchmark comparison to the previous generation and a 64GB RAM upgrade tutorial.

Pricing \u0026 Configurations:
RAM Upgrade Kit:

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Sylvia Romero : Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Roslizan Mohd Yusof : Wow
Will Thomas : a room full of these
- be civil let's go

Raffin Shikder : I have that but my one is 24inch

How i made my own Apple Computer

This is my homemade Apple computer, basically make from trash.
I made this video to give you some idea, also you can turn your old broken windows laptop into a desktop not just apple laptop. Some computers are too expensive to repair but for a cheap you can make it functional and useful again.

* This is Project build only. Not for Sale, Commercial or any other distribution, now or in the future, for personal use only.

In this video i used MacBook Pro Mid 2012 with i5 cpu. The Macbook, the monitors and the other parts are from the electronic trash. Building this computer costs me $8.50 in total - $3.5 for the glue and $5 for the wooden vinyl.

Sorry if the video is too long but i want to show you more and give some ides

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corg lord : i have two old macs umm its time to get a new pc
Mando811 : Im planning on doing this with a 2016 broken macbook air i own. But i think im going to add ssd and better ram
Edit: its screen is broken and the battery doesnt charge so i thought i would do something like this
Sun Blieths : Can you do a tutorial for Ipads???
Kyezxid : I love ur accent

Best Apple Computer Deals From Apple's Refurbished Website

This video covers the best Apple computer deals (Mac) from Apple's refurbished website. If you are looking for a great deal on an Apple refurbished computer like a MacBook Air, Pro, Mac mini, or iMac then watch this video for the best deals you can get right now. We wanted to let people know that the refurbished website from Apple is an option when buying a computer.

In this video we are covering Apple computers from the Apple refurbished website here:

But if you would rather buy new you can pick these up here:

MacBook Air Base Model M1 -
MacBook Air 512 GB Model M1 -
MacBook Pro Base Model M1 -
MacBook Pro 512 GB Model M1 -
Mac Mini Base Model M1 -
2020 27" iMac Base Intel -

So let us know if you think these Apple refurbished computer deals are good or would you rather buy new. It's always good to know your options when buying a Apple Mac computer since they are expensive so anything you can save will always help.

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